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A Big  THANKS  to Donna, Sally and John for the great weekend in Newport

    Okay, so this year John, Sally and Donna decided to take us to Newport, Rhode Island, a summer place for the rich and give us a taste of the rich and famous of yesteryear.  What a great treat it was staying at the Ramada Inn and eating, drinking and partying at the Newport Blues Cafe, and visiting the mansions on Ocean Drive, and all decked up for the holidays. John and Sally got an early start on Friday, getting a jump on the rest of the gang, checking out the place to make sure everything was okay for the wild group arriving later.



    The day after Thanksgiving, with everyone barely able to move because of all the turkey, stuffing and other stuff, they were somehow able to pack, get in their cars and make their way to that very old city by the shore Newport. It was a nice day for the scenic drive of almost two hours through small towns along the state highways trying to stay off the Interstate.

    Everyone was checked in in time for a taxi trip to the Newport Blues Cafe where dinner was served with flair followed by an evening of conversation, jokes, drinks and listening to the entertainment in the lounge.

    Saturday everyone was on their own for Mansion tours (like The Breakers below) and shopping and lunch in downtown Newport, or whatever.



    Saturday night was dinner, drinks and entertainment at the Newport Blues Cafe again with breakfast Sunday morning and the trip back home. It was a fun trip for everyone and Newport was none the worse because of it.

    I hope you enjoy this web site. Some pictures were taken by Don and are marked with (D) and I took the others. Thanks, Gerry   E-Mail Me

********************************************************************Our 2008 Return Trip!

    New to this website is our return to Newport to once again relive the experiences we had three years ago and enjoy some new ones. Thanks again to John, Sally and Donna who made this possible for us. Pictures are of my touring experience on Saturday in Newport Center and a stroll along the Cliff Walk, then Saturday night dining and music at the Newport Blues Cafe. Enjoy, Gerry.    *Click to go to 2008 trip page*


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